Single parent and Quarantine

I am a single mother with one child who is pretty self sufficient but still not old enough to do everything on her own. We are currently quarantined because I believe I might be positive with Covid. The reality hit me today that during this time while waiting for my test results we have to act as if I am positive with the virus. I stay in my bedroom, which I joke and call it my jail cell and she stays in hers. If we leave the bedrooms we wear our masks and try to avoid each other as much as possible.  Life as a single parent is already tough and then you throw in coronavirus on top and it’s like an icing on cake that was made from anxiety, stress, and fear. Staying up late thinking about all the effects this pandemic is having on our children. Are they not exercising enough, should they be more social, how many hours of YouTube is unhealthy, and this list of worries goes on. Then on top of these thoughts, what do you if any of you actually have Covid.  During my experience, I have foun
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