Single parent and Quarantine

I am a single mother with one child who is pretty self sufficient but still not old enough to do everything on her own. We are currently quarantined because I believe I might be positive with Covid. The reality hit me today that during this time while waiting for my test results we have to act as if I am positive with the virus. I stay in my bedroom, which I joke and call it my jail cell and she stays in hers. If we leave the bedrooms we wear our masks and try to avoid each other as much as possible. 

Life as a single parent is already tough and then you throw in coronavirus on top and it’s like an icing on cake that was made from anxiety, stress, and fear. Staying up late thinking about all the effects this pandemic is having on our children. Are they not exercising enough, should they be more social, how many hours of YouTube is unhealthy, and this list of worries goes on. Then on top of these thoughts, what do you if any of you actually have Covid.

 During my experience, I have found somethings that I hope will be helpful to you if you happen to be in this situation. The purpose of hunt the good stuff is to look for a little positivity even when it seems impossible to find. Also, I find that a lot of blogs cater more to small children and I have a hard time finding advice that suites the pre-teen years. This is geared for woman with slightly older children. Hope you enjoy. 

1.) FACETIME Dinners 

Family dinner is important. Even if it’s just a bowl of cereal and only once a week. It will keep you connected. You can FaceTime each other from your bedrooms, eat, and catch up on the day. 

My biggest fear while being quarantined from my child is not staying connected. However, she is at the age where she appreciates space. This is a great way to keep a little bit of that balance. 

2.) Enter into their world 

This is your chance to be a part of their world. I hate playing video games but my daughter loves Minecraft. This is one the time I couldn’t be productive and was stuck in bed. So I downloaded the game and we FaceTimed each other and she taught me how to play the game with her. It was actually a lot of fun, she really enjoyed it, and I learned things about her I never knew. 

Whatever your child’s game is or interest. Get creative and try to dive into their realm to stay connected during a time where you have to stay 6 feet. 

3.) Allow them to take initiative

I’m guilty of catering to my child. Cooking, doing laundry, and always being a fixer. If you ever seen the show wife swap this is like that. Let them reverse roles with you. Let them make you lunch and dinner. Have them do dishes and laundry. I think in the end this will allow them to have a greater respect for you and show them that helping others is important. 


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